Our Philosophy

We’re passionate about healthy, happy, energized skin. Clearly. That’s because we know the best way to empower how you show up in the world is to give you the tools that help you show up in your power. And that starts with how you feel about yourself.

Our Origins

Our L.A.B. solution came to light when we realized how much energy we spend on feeling good in our skin. But what if we were able to come up with a breakthrough solution that cleared up the problem of problem skin in minutes — while giving you your healthiest, happiest, most energized complexion — so you can be the force of nature you woke up to be. (Yes, even on your “off” days.) Most important, skin changes will no longer have the power to change how you show up for you.

Our Values


We believe in the power of innovation to drive complexion-perfecting, science-backed solutions that effortlessly fit into your life.


We believe in delivering real results you can see.


We believe everyone’s skin has its own unique story and we’re committed to creating technology with a heart.

Our Science

Our breakthrough, light-activated solution harnesses FDA-cleared, proven LED power along with proprietary, hands-free patches to deliver 3-minute light-therapy sessions, followed by an ultra-concentrated drying formula that works fast.

We Want More Laughter!

We all deserve to laugh more and that’s where l.a.b. wants to make a difference. We are establishing l.a.f., which stands for Light Activated Feel-Good to raise awareness and bring light to people in need. Light Therapy doesn’t only help with treating skin but also helps improve mental health. We will donate specially designed l.a.f. Boxes (which delivers up to 10,000 lux for effective, safe and natural light therapy) to hospitals, schools and directly to people who need more light in their life.