Customer Service:

How do I return my purchase?

Our device and products are considered medical devices and sealed for security purposes.  Once the seal is broken, the product is assumed used and cannot be returned as it cannot be resold if unsealed.


Can I stop my subscription service if needed?

Yes, you can stop your subscription service anytime by contacting Support@skinbylab.com or through your ReChargeApp account.


Acne Light Therapy Patch:


My Acne Light Therapy Patch does not light up anymore?

The acne patch is designed to work for a minimum of (30) 3-minute treatments.  If the patch is no longer lighting up, it has utilized all 90 mins of time and you will need a new patch.


Can I use my Acne Light Therapy Patch with other Acne treatments?

The Acne Light Therapy Patch has been designed to work synergistically with our Acne Drying Compound but is safe for most other acne treatments as well.  If you are utilizing prescription treatments such as Accutane or Antibiotics, you should consult with your doctor prior to use.


My Acne Light Therapy Patch does not stick to my face anymore?

Each HydroGrip sticker is designed to be used up to 8 treatments.  If the HydroGrip is no longer sticking to the skin, simply remove and install a new HydroGrip.  


If I turn off the Acne Light Therapy Patch before a full treatment is complete, do I lose a treatment cycle?

Each Acne Light Therapy Patch is designed to deliver at minimum (30) 3-minute treatments or 90 minutes in total power up time.


Can I use my Acne Light Therapy Patch outside?

The Acne Light Therapy Patch can be used outside, but please note, the HydroGrips are designed to adhere to a dry skin surface only, and the device is not waterproof.


What light spectrums are used in the Acne Light Therapy Patch?

Our Acne Light Therapy Patch utilizes the optimal FDA cleared spectrums to destroy acne causing bacteria (415nm) and reduce Acne related inflammation (630nm).


Is the Acne Light Therapy Patch hypoallergenic?

The materials used in our devices are specifically medical grade and consist of: ABS plastic lens, medical grade silicone outer shell and our HydroGrips are made of hydrocolide


Acne Drying Compound:


Should I use Acne Drying Compound before or after my Acne Light Therapy Patch? 

Use Acne Drying Compound after completing your Acne Light Therapy Patch 3-minute treatment.  Best to use at night to leave the Compound on your blemishes overnight so you can wake up and see a big difference to the appearance of your pimple.


What kind of blemishes can the Acne Drying Compound be used for? 

Acne Drying Compound works best on blemishes and pimples that are above the surface. For pimples that are just starting to form, this product works as an overnight on-the-spot treatment mask to help speed up the process as well as reduce redness.


How long do I leave the Acne Drying Compound on? Should I wash it off after a few hours or sleep in it? 

Acne Drying Compound should be used according to its usage instructions. Specifically, use it in the evening after cleansing. Spot apply a thin even layer directly to the pimple surface. Allow to dry. Rinse off the following morning.


If the product accidentally gets shaken, will it be okay? 

Yes. If your product is accidentally shaken, just sit it upright and allow the pink sediment to resettle. It may take a while to do so but not more than a day.



How do you moisturize if you’re using the Acne Drying Compound overnight?

You should use your moisturizer first, then spot treatment.


Does the Acne Drying Compound Expire?

The acne compound has a 2-year shelf life from date of production.  You may find an expiration date on the label to determine remaining lifespan.