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Kill Acne Causing Bacteria, Reduce Redness + Inflammation in 3-Minutes for as low as $0.18¢/treatment

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Award-winning, first-of-its-kind Light Therapy Patch combines powerful blue + red light therapies to fight acne- causing bacteria and inflammation in just 3 minutes. Each patch is reusable for up to 30 treatments.

*Third party clinical study verified with five participants

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Pimples are Visually Improved In Just 1 Hour!*

*Third party clinical study verified with five participants

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Customer Reviews

Best Pimple Solution Ever!

This is genius – a Light Therapy Pimple Patch! I put the patch on a pimple, left on for 3 minutes and the next day, the pimple was almost gone! So easy, so cool and so fun! I love it.

Light Therapy for Less Than $25

I always wanted to try Light Therapy but couldn’t afford it. The masks look great and seem to work but I don’t have $300 to spend. Then I found these Light Therapy Patches. They cost $24 and it really works. I had a big pimple on my forehead and used the Patch over it. By the end of the day, it looked smaller. Took a few more treatments for the pimple to go away but much faster than other spot treatments I’ve tried.

My New Favorite Pimple Popper

I’m a big fan of Pimple Patches. I’ve used Mighty Patch for years. I saw these Light Therapy Patches and had to try. I used the Light Therapy Patch on a new pimple for 3 minutes, then I applied my Mighty Patch over the same pimple – and the next day my pimple was pretty much gone. I will continue to use this and will definitely recommend to my friends.

You Can Take These Anywhere

I have used a Light Therapy Mask for Acne a few years ago. I had to wear the mask for 20 minutes – and it was hard to travel with. I bought the Acne Light Therapy Patches and love them. Takes just 3 minutes, you can see results and best of all I just put the small case (looks like airpod case) in my bag and take them with me on my trips.